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National Codification Bureau

Epica Solutions has won the contract to continue its Codification Services for the National Codification Bureau for the next four years. It was granted in July 2021 under a DSS contract. Epica Solutions is proud of the services it provides the NCB and the wider Defence community.

Australian Pipeline Authority

Australian Pipeline Authority became a client of Epica Solutions in late 2014. Our personnel have travelled across the land from Geraldton to Roma and back picking up data information and images. Dennis Allsopp our Technical Director has developed a

Australian Defence Force (ADF)

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd continues to service the ADF's need for NATO Codification services. Epica has a team of codifiers in Melbourne working with and along side the personnel within the National Codification Bureau (NCB). The current contract is an

National Codification Bureau (ADF)

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd had been awarded a contract to commence in May 2012 for the provisions of personnel and Codification services. Epica has just been awarded the first years extension beyond the initial three years of the contract. This is large

Australian Gas Distribution Network

Epica was engaged by an Australian wide natural gas distribution company to cleanse and upgrade their catalogue data and inspect various warehouses around Australia to identify non catalogued items and also photograph existing items that can be appli


ConocoPhillips, one of the world's largest oil and gas producer has requested Epica's assistance with an site resource to assist in its cataloguing needs. Epica has provided assistance to ConocoPhillips in the past and is pleased that it has once aga

On The Move

Epica has moved its offices to: Suite 5, Level 1, 2-6 Castlereagh Street, Penrith NSW which is located only a half a kilometre from its old premises. Also the company can be contacted at its Post Office Box, the address being: Epica Solut

Letter of Recognition

Epica was previously recognised under the Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS) for its contribution of services to the ADF. Epica has now had several contracts with the ADF since 2003 and has also supplied a number of other Defence agencies with

Sypaq – Hydro SPO

Epica was able to assist Sypaq in its NATO Codification requirements at Hydro SPO. This wraps a program which commenced a couple of years ago.Enter your text here.

Canadian Mining Entity

Epica was engaged for a 6 months project by a Canadian Mining Company to cleanse and upgrade data for one of its African Mine sites. Unfortunately the data had already been worked on by another organisation based in the sub-continent and the company

Downer EDI Rail

Epica has been requested to assist Downer EDI Rail in its inventory data cataloguing requirements. Epica has previously worked with EDI Downer Rail in 2005-2006 when it was still located at Granville. The company is moving its data from its existing