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Codification Services

Codification is a productivity enabler as quality data is vital for the operation of all other supply processes.

A good catalogue derived from the data provided under the item codification process is key to efficient and productive retrieval of information throughout the supply chain, providing clarity and ease of access to all customers, internal and external.

Epica Solutions through the Codification process helps to ensure the following :-

  • Build a catalogue of items based on the accurate and quality codification data
  • Interoperability between Allied Forces for the provision of spare parts and equipment
  • Vital data to enable engineering of parts should the normal lines of re supply be disrupted

Epica Solutions is able to assist you and your business with a tailored data content solution that will meet the requirements of users, suppliers, SCM practitioners and systems while abiding by recognised practical item descriptive characteristic standard.

Epica Solutions helps to ensure this through the following:

  • A range of services encompasses on site, bureau and direct linked catalogue maintenance capabilities, and expert advice, consulting services and training courses in all aspects of the discipline
  • Although NATO Codification adhere to strict standards the data derived from the database to provide a commercial description may comply to various standards as Epica is not constrained by a commitment to a particular standard or discipline allows us to offer independent and unbiased assistance
  • Consultants who have over 60 years of combined experience in the field that embraces NATO Codification technology.
  • Several consultants have a skillset that covers most major ERP and materials management systems eg. MILIS, SAP, Maximo, People Soft, Ellipse

Epica Solutions concentrates on the provision of services and resources to various Government Departments with a focus on Defence and Major Service Providers appointed by CASG.

To that end Epica has supplied personnel with a variety of skill sets such as Project Managers, ILS Practitioners, Technical Spares assessors, Disposals personnel and Material Logistics Specialists. Some of these were supplied because the personnel also held expertise and skills in NATO Codification apart from their primary skill set. Epica Solutions is a member of the DSS Panel in NATO Codification and will apply to be qualified in the provision of ILS staff in the next round.

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