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The Following Projects provides ample evidence of Epica's capability to supply NATO Codification Services. A synopsis of its support to the ADF is as follows:

Under the new CASG arrangements for Major Service Providers (MSP) Epica was awarded a four year contract to provide Codification Services to the NCB through Jacobs.
Epica Solutions provided Codification Services to both Hydro - SPO and Patrol Boat SPO from 2012 to 2019. One member of the Epica team received a commendation for the excellent work provided at HSPO.
Epica was awarded contract NCB 1/2012. This was for five years (3+1+1) utilising six codifiers. This contract has now been extended to November 2018 due to CASG’s contracting changes.
Provided codification assistance to BAE Williamstown for the ANZAC Frigates, AWD and LHD. This included identification of spares, acquisition of supporting data, supplier manufacturer liaison, submission of codification requests and reporting.
Codification services to the NCB (Contract NCB 1/2008). This commenced in February 2009 initially for a year with two options each of 12 months which were exercised. The work involved:
  • full Codification services including new items,
  • screening existing NSN's,
  • submitting and actioning codification request to the NCB
  • evaluating support data,
  • providing data entry for codification data to CENCAT3
  • processing requests for Australian and Foreign activities including NCAGE Codes.
Epica has on several occasions been complimented for its efforts including by the NCB Director Mr Paul Kenworthy for its efficiency in continually exceeding KPI's and quality of output.
In October 2008 Epica was engaged to provide a full analysis of the Codification and Cataloguing requirements of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Its National Codification Bureau had a stated aim to become a tier two entity whereby it could initiate its own NSN's. Following the detailed Analysis and its presentation of the findings to the SANDF Epica was successful in conjunction with Classic One Trading (C1C) in providing Codification and Data Cataloguing services to the SANDF for three years commencing in March 2009 with completion in April 2012. Epica supplied expertise in codification training, mentoring and directing a local team of 15 personnel and assisting in the management of the project.
ASC project for the Collins Class Submarine encompassing 10000 line items. The work was performed at the NCB using three personnel and completed in August 2008. Epica was congratulated on the excellent codification work conducted.
Codification Services to GWEO at Orchard Hills NSW for six months which commenced in August 2006.
Codification task for the NCB (RFT R0042). The task commenced in June 2005 with three codifiers. The contract was extended in October 2005 for a further three months.
Six-month task for TFSPO RAAF Williamtown requiring three codifiers. The task also included Bills of Material (BOM) services and cataloguing. Mr Sean Best TF Supervisor praised the team's efforts.

At all times the team has exceeded KPI's and are proud of its record in supplying timely quality output for the NCB and ADF. Epica has also supplied and or continues to supply Codification services through an SME Aggregator to

  • PBSPO Darwin
  • HSPO Cairns
  • JC4ISPO (formerly CISSO), and
  • AASPO Oakey

The Epica practitioner at HSPO was awarded a certificate of excellence by the base commander for his efforts.

Project Partners

Epica Solutions has provided a variety of services across a broad range of clients since it's establishment in 2002. During that time we have also established solid links with supply chain focused organisations which have enabled us to expand the range of services that we can provide to our client base.


Epica Solutions has successfully completed projects for various industries, business organisations and government departments both in Australia and overseas. Several of these are outlined below:

Ausdrill is a diversified mining and services company providing leading edge services in mining, drill & blast, exploration, procurement & logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and automotive industries with operations in Australia, United Kingdom and Africa. Epica Solutions was engaged to provide cleansing and upgrading of the catalogue data.
Epica Solutions was contacted by Newcrest Mining to assist them in their cataloguing requirements. Epica was able to respond to their needs and assist in both the cataloguing of new items as well as cleansing and upgrading some existing items. Epica is pleased to be able to provide its services to one of the leading Gold Mining companies
Lihir Gold was acquired by Newcrest Mining. This data is held on a Mincom Ellipse Materials Management System and needs to be amalgamated with the existing Newcrest data held on SAP. Similar to services provided to other mining organisations the catalogue data records need to be checked for duplications and then standardised for names. The NESS program has been successfully completed by Epica Solutions. This project required the conversion of data held on the Lihir Ellipse System to the SAP Materials Master operated by Newcrest Mining involving some 66000 line items. One aspect that the project undertook was to standardise the Attribute Sets or Identification Guides for like item.
Epica had been requested to assist Downer EDI Rail in its inventory data cataloguing requirements. Epica has previously worked with EDI Downer Rail in 2005-2006 when it was still located at Granville. The company is moving its data from its existing Clyman system to Maximo and saw this as an opportunity to tailor its data to meet the functionality of its new ERP system.
Australian Pipeline Authority became a client of Epica Solutions in late 2014. Epica personnel have travelled across the land from Geraldton to Roma and back picking up data information and images. Dennis Allsopp our Technical Director developed a new application which is tablet based and allows the cataloguers to gather data on site and also attach an image. The files were uploaded daily to our servers in Sydney so that the data could be processed and upgraded for application to the client Maximo Master data File including the images. It is the first project where a client required images of the items to make the identification and selection of the items easier for its system users. We are proud to be a part of the project as it provides total asset viability and will allow APA to optimise its inventory and examine the potential for further supply contracts and to enable it to utilise its the Supply Chain capabilities.
Epica was selected by the RAAF to provide an upgrade of its catalogue data and Bill of Materials Data to support the Tactical Fighter SPO at RAAF Williamtown. The project was successfully completed over six months by four Epica Personnel. The efforts of the team were praised by Sean Best TF supervisor.
Epica Solutions was one of the member companies that made up Classic One Trading. The consortium was engaged to provide data shop services to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Epica provided services both in Phase 1 and Phase 2. The latter was a 3 year project and that has now been completed. Epica enjoyed a good working relationship with the C1C Consortium and was able to bring its own expertise in the successful outcomes of the Project. Epica provided consultancy services, on-site personnel, and software (Epica Workbench and Toolbox applications) to support the tasks. This involved cleansing catalogue data and NATO codification data as well as providing a skills transfer program and data audit program. Epica is proud of its achievements in this overseas program.
Epica Solutions provided codification assistance to BAE Williamstown for the ANZAC Frigates, AWD and LHD. This included identification of spares, acquisition of supporting data, supplier manufacturer liaison, submission of codification requests and reporting.
Epica provided a catalogue training course to candidates at the One Steel Kembla Plant. The company was also engaged by One Steel Newcastle to provide a team to identify and catalogue items stored in several on-site sheds. A significant number of items once identified and catalogued were retained as spare parts while other items were sold as scrap as the Parent equipment had been decommissioned. Epica was thanked by the Project Engineer for a thorough job well done.
In April 2006 Epica Solutions was engaged by ASC to provide NATO Codification for approximately 10000-line items for the Collins Class Submarines. The Project was conducted from Defence Plaza in Melbourne. Epica was able to initially supply three qualified Codifiers. Part of the work also involved cataloguing items to MILIS. The Project was completed on time and well within budget. Epica was praised by ASC for the competent and professional manner the Project was conducted.