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Digital Review Design, Implementation and Support

Digital Review Design, Implementation and Support

The DTA is looking to engage a supplier who has the capability to provide resources and support to the Digital Transformation Agency to conduct a Digital Review. The review will survey government agencies to establish a baseline of the government’s digital capability across 5 key domains – technology, process, people, policy and alliances.

Specifically, the Digital Review will:

  • Survey and map current state capability across the Australian Government
  • Synthesise data from across agencies for a unified view of digital capability
  • Provide a ‘point in time’ benchmark from which future progress can be measured
  • Support the DTA to deliver a final report that provides a baseline of Governments digital maturity and: o Identifies current enablers and inhibitors of digital transformation o Identifies preliminary insights and opportunities to improve digital capability in line with digital and government strategy o Identifies opportunities to acquire, improve, de-risk and share the government’s digital capabilities with the goal of accelerating development and driving efficiencies The supplier will support the DTA to work and collaborate with representatives from the Australian government departments and agencies to produce the outcomes.

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