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Epica Solutions (Epica) provides supply management and consulting services withspecialisation in the provision of technical and supply item data information and NATO codification services.

NATO Codification support services providing skilled resources in the preparation and generation of NATO Codification records both domestically and internationally.

Epica primarily focuses on the information data for clients' spares and equipment or assets; accurate quality data that is essential to drive successful operations, whether it is in defence, mining, manufacturing or government services.

Knowledgeis power, an equation that can only be satisfied by data integrity to provide total asset visibility, ready information usefor effective inventory optimisation, forward maintenance planning and protect high cost EAM/ERP software system investments


The provision of NATO codification services from pre-codification to full Item 1standards. Including the preparation of C Data.

The Team supporting the NCB has continually exceeded KPI’s by 250%.

Outsourcing of specialist staff forlong and short-termcontracts supporting projects in Defence, government services, andDefencemanufacturing industries


Epica Solutions engagesspecialist, trained staff who have in depth experience working in their field.This is backed by bespoke systems tailored to support world class data management processing and methodologiesas well as knowledge of various Systems that capture NATO Codification data such as MC Catalogue and MILIS

Key Customers

National Codification Bureau –Defence Plaza, Melbourne. Ongoing support over tenyears across all areas of the business including generation of new NATO codification records, upgrading andamending existing records.

South African National Defence Force –Assistance to establish Tier 2 NATO Codification levels.

Royal Australian Air Force -TFPSO Project –APL’sand Cataloguing.

ASC–NATO Codification services for Collins Class submarines.

Various SPO’se.g. HSPO, AASPO, OTHRSPO, PBSPO and JC4ISPO.Item inspection and investigation for the preparation of Codification requests and supporting ILS services

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ISO 8000-110Data Quality Management Accreditation

LORS –Letter of Recognised Supply ADF

Member -

  • UNSPSC (Cost Accounting code)
  • AIDN (Australian Defence Industry Network)
  • SADIG (Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group)
  • ECCMA (Electronic CommerceCode ManagementAssn.)
  • SME Gateway/ Servegate
  • DSS Panel for NATO Codification service