National Codification Bureau

Epica Solutions has won the contract to continue its Codification Services for the National Codification Bureau for the next four years. It was granted in July 2021 under a DSS contract. Epica Solutions is proud of the services it provides the NCB and the wider Defence community.


Epica has recently been engaged to assist OZ Minerals in upgrading its catalogue requirements. The company uses MIMS Ellipse and our staff headed by Ed Coleman are very familiar with the Ellipse package having used it at various client sites and its Defence counterpart MILIS. The project has commenced with mainly new items to be added to the Catalogue data base. Epica has direct access to the Catalogue Master file to enable it to update the Global Catalogue. Oz Minerals manages and operates the Prominent Hill site in South Australia.

Australian Pipeline Authority

Australian Pipeline Authority became a client of Epica Solutions in late 2014. Our personnel have travelled across the land from Geraldton to Roma and back picking up data information and images. Dennis Allsopp our Technical Director has developed a new application which is tablet based and allows the cataloguers to gather data on site and also attach an image. the files are uploaded daily to our servers in Sydney so that the data can be processed and upgraded for application to the client Maximo Master data File including the images.

It is the first project where a client required images of the items to make the identification and selection of the items easier for its system users. We are proud to be a part of the project as it provides total asset viability and will allow APA to optimise its inventory and examine the potential for further supply contracts and to enable it to utilise its the Supply Chain capabilities.

Australian Defence Force (ADF)

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd continues to service the ADF’s need for NATO Codification services. Epica has a team of codifiers in Melbourne working with and along side the personnel within the National Codification Bureau (NCB). The current contract is anticipated to go the full five years based on a three plus 1+1. Further to that activity Epica is also currently supporting a number of SPO’s in Canberra, Oakey and Cairns in supplying their codification needs.

Epica has served the ADF in various capacities and units since late 2003. Some activities also included the compilation of Application Parts Lists (APL’s), technical spares assessment and inventory control. It was a the company’s engagement with the ADF which provided the experience and skill set for Epica to be able to win a three year contract supporting the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in its Cataloguing and NATO Codification requirements. The contract was successfully concluded in 2011.

National Codification Bureau (ADF)

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd had been awarded a contract to commence in May 2012 for the provisions of personnel and Codification services. Epica has just been awarded the first years extension beyond the initial three years of the contract. This is largely as a result of the team servicing this contract. They have consistently exceeded KPI’s and are well versed in their NATO Codification skills and experience.

Australian Gas Distribution Network

Epica was engaged by an Australian wide natural gas distribution company to cleanse and upgrade their catalogue data and inspect various warehouses around Australia to identify non catalogued items and also photograph existing items that can be applied to their Materials data base for easy recognition by users.

Epica has developed an android application for the gathering of the inspection data and photos. The data and photos are transferred to the Epica server using FTP. The android application has worked well and is an excellent tool for gathering on site data. The task is ongoing and should be completed in May 2015.


ConocoPhillips, one of the world’s largest oil and gas producer has requested Epica’s assistance with an site resource to assist in its cataloguing needs. Epica has provided assistance to ConocoPhillips in the past and is pleased that it has once again been able to provide the required assistance.

On The Move

Epica has moved its offices to:

Suite 5, Level 1,
2-6 Castlereagh Street,
Penrith NSW

which is located only a half a kilometre from its old premises. Also the company can be contacted at its Post Office Box, the address being:

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 956
Penrith, NSW 2751.

Epica had been at the old address since April 2006 however with the advent of remote internet access to the servers the need for a large office space was not warranted. The many boxes used for the move are slowly disappearing as the staff settle in and find a home for everything needed and discard “stuff” that was accumulated over the last seven and a half years which was thought to be of some use at the time.

Letter of Recognition

Epica was previously recognised under the Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS) for its contribution of services to the ADF. Epica has now had several contracts with the ADF since 2003 and has also supplied a number of other Defence agencies with its services. That scheme has now been replaced by the Letter of Recognised Suppliers (LoRS). This scheme similar to the DRSS Scheme is designed to help sustain Australian Defence capability by acknowledging the successful supply by an Australian Company to Defence. Epica is now the proud recipient of the Letter of Recognition for its continued service to the ADF.

Sypaq – Hydro SPO

Epica was able to assist Sypaq in its NATO Codification requirements at Hydro SPO. This wraps a program which commenced a couple of years ago.Enter your text here.