Software Solutions

Epica Solutions has a goal of developing and providing cost effective software applications for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).  The following applications have been developed, are currently in development or on the drawing board.

Epica Solutions Toolbox

The essential guide to conduct in house disciplined cataloguing. It will ensure that the data is instilled with recognized standards and contains:

  •  Standard item names
  • Colloquial or cross reference names
  • Identification Guide
  • Organization codes
  • Abbreviations
  • Cross references to NATO
  • Units of measure (2 & 4 Char)
  • Conversion tables for mass, time, temperature, volume and distance
  • A guide to encoding data
  • A detailed help file  

Spares Assessment Manager (SAM)

The Spares Assessment Manager (SAM) is designed to save on the inventory investment in the initial spares support required for new plant or equipment. It seeks the option of avoiding and blindly following the recommended spares parts list provided by the manufacturer or supplier. SAM provides an objective assessment of the initial buy quantity, order/reorder points, and safety stock levels without jeopardizing ongoing operations. Graphical presentations highlights the initial buy quantity in relation to the average stock hold and total annual usage.
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