Epica Cataloguing Workbench

The Epica Cataloguing Workbench continues to be developed as a significant platform for the cataloguing of inventory data. The latest developments include associated values for attribute responses whereby a conflict flag will advise the cataloguer that a previously unknown value is being applied to the relevant attribute question e.g. the values for an attribute of Material for a Hexagon Head Bolt may be STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, BRASS and NYLON. A value of CERAMIC would immediately raise a warning that this is an unknown response and its validity needs to be checked. This is another step to ensuring the integrity of client data. A further development is the amalgamation of the existing client data and other sources in a Data Warehouse Mining exercise which allows multiple part number and manufacturer combinations to be searched to ascertain the correct item name depending on the naming convention or taxonomy in use. If for example an inquiry on an SKF Bearing 62032RS comes back with 30 combinations and 27 of these have been named "BEARING BALL ANNULAR" with the same Item Name Code (INC) and Commodity Class or Group then it can be safely assumed that the confidence factor is significantly high as it's a factor of 27/30 or 90%. The INC will point to the correct attribute set to apply. Whilst this development is an exciting step it still requires significant work to apply confidence factors where there are there are only a few occurrences of a particular Manufacturer and Part Number combination. The current Epica file has some 30 Million combinations of part numbers and manufacturers or suppliers. The task is significant but is viewed as a vital step forward in the application of correct item names. It will have the added benefit of making the cataloguing process more cost effective while still satisfying the stringent data quality needs of Epica's clients.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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