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Epica News

November 2013


ConocoPhillips, one of the world's largest oil and gas producer has requested Epica's assistance with an site resource to assist in its cataloguing needs. Epica has provided assistance to ConocoPhillips in the past and is pleased that it has once again been able to provide the required assistance.

November 2013

On The Move

Epica moved its offices to Suite 5, Level 1, 2-6 Castlereagh Street, Penrith only a half a kilometre from its old premises. The company has also invested in a Post Office Box address as follows:

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 956
Penrith, NSW 2751.

Epica have been at the old address since April 2006 however with the advent of remote internet access to the servers the need for a large office space was not warranted. The many boxes used for the move are slowly disappearing as the staff settle in and find a home for everything needed and discard "stuff" that was accumulated over the last seven and a half years which was thought to be of some use at the time.


May 2013

Letter of Recognition

Epica was previously recognised under the Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS) for its contribution of services to the ADF. Epica has now had several contracts with the ADF since 2003 and has also supplied a number of other Defence agencies with its services. That scheme has now been replaced by the Letter of Recognised Suppliers (LoRS). This scheme similar to the DRSS Scheme is designed to help sustain Australian Defence capability by acknowledging the successful supply by an Australian Company to Defence. Epica is now the proud recipient of the Letter of Recognition for its continued service to the ADF.


May 2013

Sypaq - Hydro SPO

Epica was able to assist Sypaq in its NATO Codification requirements at Hydro SPO. This wraps a program which commenced a couple of years ago.

April 2013

Canadian Mining Entity

Epica was engaged for a 6 months project by a Canadian Mining Company to cleanse and upgrade data for one of its African Mine sites. Unfortunately the data had already been worked on by another organisation based in the sub-continent and the company required a rework of the data. Although the initial price was obviously a factor experience dictates that you receive what you pay for and in the end it cost them a lot more to finally receive the data accuracy, quality and integrity required to support the African operation.

April 2013

Downer EDI Rail

Epica has been requested to assist Downer EDI Rail in its inventory data cataloguing requirements. Epica has previously worked with EDI Downer Rail in 2005-2006 when it was still located at Granville. The company is moving its data from its existing Clyman system to Maximo and saw this as an opportunity to tailor its data to meet the functionality of its new ERP system.

April 2013

SME Gateway

Epica is proud to announce that it is now a member company of SME gateway. This has the capability of extending the range of services that Epica can supply both the Defence community as well as other government agencies. Although Epica is a prime contractor to the ADF for the provision of NATO Codification services that speciality alone does not qualify the company to bid in its right to be a member on the DMOSS panel (preferred standing offer panel) as the discipline only represents part of the ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) Category. However Epica does have access to a number of skilled technical personnel who are engaged in NATO Cataloguing but can now be deployed in their primary vocations in areas such as Technical Spares Assessing, production of BOM's and APL's, technical documentation, etc.. Epica's membership of SME Gateway gives it greater access to being able to bid on other requirements or tasks within the ADF.

The advantages are not a one way street. It also provides SME gateway with insights to the experience gained by Epica's long involvement with the Mining Industry. SME Gateway views the industry as an opportunity as it possesses a well-developed technical skills and experience base that will benefit the Mining industry.

March 2013

NESS Program - Lihir Gold Data

The NESS program has been successfully completed by Epica Solutions. This project required the conversion of data held on the Lihir Ellipse System to the SAP Materials Master operated by Newcrest Mining involving some 66000 line items. One aspect that the project undertook was to standardise the Attribute Sets or Identification Guides for like items with the same item name within the existing Newcrest materials master item data file. The aim being to make it is easier for system users to readily identify the items required and also identify and extract duplications.


February 2013

MRO: The Fuel That Feeds the Beast

Came across this article in the Supply Chain and Executive website. It highlights the need for an efficient Supply Chain operation supported by an effective information data e.g. catalogue. Many organisations ignore the Supply side and only give some attention when an essential spare part cannot be located and for the want of it, operations are severely jeopardised or completely stopped. The cost can be enormous. Take an offshore well head - some platforms are producing $7M profit per day. Someone's backside could be sore if operations were to cease because an MRO part required to repair an unscheduled break down is not readily available. The part may only cost $1 (plus attendant administrative costs) but its lack can be catastrophic. The article is well worth a read and can be accessed at:



November 2012

Department of Finance and Services (NSW)

Epica Solutions has worked with this department over a number of years in various tasks and projects mainly related to its Smartbuy® system which is essentially a contract awareness service for its government clients throughout New South Wales and the Commonwealth. The assistance provided was in the cataloguing of the items offered through the various contracts. The Department has undergone various name changes during the time of our assistance. It is now moving to a new software platform which will give it better management of its data. Epica has been asked to provide assistance in the transition phase. 

October 2012

John Holland Group

Epica Solutions has performed work for the JHG Country Rail Network in New South Wales. Epica has now been invited to extend the activity to include JHG’s rail infrastructure across Australia.

 October 2012


Epica Solutions was able to assist Noventus in the placement of an experienced codifier and technical spares assessor for an Army Aviation task in Queensland. This is for an initial 6 months contract and may be extended for a further 6 months. 

October 2012

Epica Workbench Application

The Epica Workbench continues to be developed as a significant platform for the cataloguing of inventory data. The latest developments include associated values for attribute responses whereby a conflict flag will advise the cataloguer that a previously unknown value is being applied to the relevant attribute question e.g. the values for an attribute of Material for a Hexagon Head Bolt may be STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, BRASS and NYLON. A value of CERAMIC would immediately raise a warning that this is an unknown response and its validity needs to be checked. This is another step to ensuring the integrity of client data.

A further development is the amalgamation of the existing client data and other sources in a Data Warehouse Mining exercise which allows multiple part number and manufacturer combinations to be searched to ascertain the correct item name depending on the naming convention or taxonomy in use. If for example an inquiry on an SKF Bearing 62032RS comes back with 30 combinations and 27 of these have been named “BEARING BALL ANNULAR” with the same Item Name Code (INC)  and  Commodity Class or Group then it can be safely assumed that the confidence factor is significantly high as it’s a factor of 27/30 or 90%. The INC will point to the correct attribute set to apply. Whilst this development is an exciting step it still requires significant work to apply confidence factors where there are there are only a few occurrences of a particular Manufacturer and Part Number combination. The current Epica file has some 30 Million combinations of part numbers and manufactuers or suppliers. The task is significant but is viewed as a vital step forward in the application of correct item names. It will have the added benefit of making the cataloguing process more cost effective while still satisfying the stringent data quality needs of Epica's clients.

 September 2012

Ten Years - WOW!!!

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd celebrated it 10th anniversary on the 2nd of September. It’s grown from the two business partners who started the venture back in 2002 to a complement of 23 personnel. As many will be aware the prime business is managing data for mining companies and various government departments such as Defence.

The company has developed its own bespoke software applications to process and audit client data. Several of these applications have been sold in New Zealand, South Africa and of course in Australia.

Epica uniquely employs an older workforce because it needs the skills and experience of ex-trades or supply services people who can readily identify and catalogue spare parts for its many clients. It’s this experience and skill base that has enabled Epica to win a further 5 year contract with the National Codification Bureau in Melbourne to assist in its NATO Codification requirements as well as a number of large data conversion tasks whereby the data is cleansed, upgraded and tailored to fit the new EAM/ERP system being implemented such as at HWE Mining and Newcrest Mining.

The management and staff are proud of the beneficial services we are able to offer particularly as it can provide a significant Return of Investment (ROI) to the client. 

   August 2012

Libyan Cement Company Benghazi

Epica Solutions recently completed a Supply Department Review at the Libyan Cement Company at its Hawari Quarry and Benghazi Factory Sites. The Factory has 11 Warehouse on its site. These support both the Factory and Quarry operations. Another site at El- Fatayah is located aprroximately 400 kilometres from Benghazi but time did not permit a review of its supply function. Epica has now received a contract to commence the cataloguing of some of its item information data. This is vital for the implementation of the NAVISION Materals Managment System. The review was completed about a fortnight before the recent incidents in Benghazi which made world-wide news. Several of the recommendations of the report are now being reviewed and implemented.

May 2012


Epica Solutions has been able to assist Sypaq in its NATO Codification requirements for the RAN Hydrographic Unit in Cairns. This was essentially a pre codification task. Epica personnel worked alonside Sypaq personnel in the project. It extended Epica's Defence work and provided a valuable experience base for Epica personnel in support of its work for the ADF.

 May 2012

NESS Program - Lihir Gold Data

Lihir Gold has recently been acquired by Newcrest Mining. This data is held on a Mincom Ellipse Materials Management System and needs to be amalgamated with the existing Newcrest data held on SAP. Similar to services provided to other mining organisations the catalogue data records need to be checked for duplications and then standardised for names, description formats and encoding prior to their application to SAP Materials Master. One aspect that this project will also undertake is to standardise the Attribute Sets or Identification Guides for like items with the same item name within the existing Newcrest item data file. This will ensure like items are structured consistently in their descriptive content making it is easier for system user to readily identify the items required.

April 2012

Classic One Trading (C1C) - South Africa

Epica Solutions was one of the member companies that made up Classic One Trading. The consortium was engaged to provide data shop services to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Epica provided services both in Phase 1 and Phase 2. The latter was a 3 year project and that has now been completed. Epica enjoyed a good working relationship with the C1C Consortium and was able to bring its own expertise in the successful outcomes of the Project. Epica provided consultancy services, on-site personnel, and software (Epica Workbench and Toolbox applications) to support the tasks. This involved cleansing catalogue data and NATO codification data as well as providing a skills transfer program and data audit program. Epica is proud of its achievements in this overseas program.


April 2012

HWE Mining

HWE Mining has selected Epica Solutions to assist in its data conversion requirements. This is in addition to the services Epica already provides HWE in maintaining its data. The catalogue data records need to be checked for duplications and then standardised for names, description formats and encoding prior to their application to ORACLE. Formatting of the descriptive data to attribute sets will provide consistency in like items enabling ready access by system users and also allows identification of missing or incomplete data so item data can be enhanced.

April 2012

National Codification Bureau (ADF)

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd has been awarded a new five year contract to commence in May 2012 with the ADF’s National Codification Bureau (NCB) for the provisions of personnel and Codification services. Epica is very conscious that a considerable number of firms bid for the contract and as the successful tenderer bears a responsibility to ensure that the contract is serviced to the best of its ability ensuring that the client continues to receive good quality data outcomes. This contract builds upon the relationship Epica have enjoyed with the NCB and several other Defence agencies over the last 9 years.

Epica has proudly supported the Defence Industry in its NATO Codification requirements since 2003.   It has built a reputation for providing quality data outcomes for its clients and possesses an ISO 8000-110 accreditation for Data Quality Management and is a Defence Recognised Supplier (DRSS). The company has ensured that its personnel have both the skills and specific capabilities to support the ADF in its NATO Codification requirements and item information needs (Inventory Cataloguing). Epica firmly believes that good quality data is vital to the support of both operations, and interoperability between forces. Epica will continue to strive to meet ADF requirements through the continuous achievement of high standards of quality and data integrity. 

 November 2011

Country Rail Network NSW (CRN)

Epica were invited by CRN to discuss their catalogue needs. RN is a division of John Holland Rail Pty Ltd and won the contract to manage NSW's country rail infrastructure. This excludes the City Rail Network and privately owned lines such as the Sandy Hollow Railway. John Holland's Rail business delivers project management, engineering, construction and maintenance services to the public and private railway sectors. CRN Management is well aware that a successful operation requires good quality data to support its acquisition program for spares and maintenance equipment. Subsequently Epica was engaged to provide cataloguing services to CRN. Epica’s assistance will cover all aspects such as cleansing, upgrading and maintaining the data.

November 2011

Barrick Gold

Barrick is a previous client in that Epica assisted in providing on site cataloguing personnel to cleansing data received from other sources for application to its Pronto System. This involved both sites in WA and NSW. Barrick has requested Epica to assist in the application of UNSPSC codes as well cleansing the data. Although a small contribution Epica is proud of the assistance it provides to the mining industry in cataloguing and data management services.

October 2011


Calibre is engaged in a number of Mining Projects in the Pilbara region providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Services. Epica has been engaged to assist Calibre in some of its inventory item information needs. Much of the data supplied to Epica for cleansing related to the rail infrastructure built to support mining operations.

August 2011

Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group (SADIG)

Epica is represented on the Supply Chain sub-committee of this important initiative. SADIG has been formed with a prime aim of gaining more Defence business for the greater Sydney area. Its axiom is based on the Power of Collaboration. It was agreed that better awareness of key supply chains and collaboration in tackling key issues was required with an emphasis of gaining more work for Sydney based industries. With SADIG’s Industry database of over 100 companies, enormous potential could be seen in industries working together particularly in the Aerospace and Defence Industry sectors. This important initiative is sponsored and supported by Regional Development Australia (RDA) and NSW Department of Trade and Investment. Now that it has commenced the various committees are working towards its official launch in early 2012. 

August 2011

Northern Star Mining Services

Northern Star Mining Services (NSMS) is an emerging Australian Gold Producer and explorer. Its expansion as a quality miner has focussed on the need for good quality data to support its operations and future expansion and acquisition program. Epica were able to assist in these needs and work commenced in August 2011. Epica has been advised based on the support provided to NSMS that further work will arise for Epica.

May 2011

Newcrest Mining

Epica Solutions was recently contacted by Newcrest Mining to assist them in their cataloguing requirements. Epica was able to respond to their needs and assist in both the cataloguing of new items as well as cleansing and upgrading some existing items. Epica is pleased to be able to provide its services to one of the leading Gold Mining companies in the world.

January 2011

Woodside Petroleum (Pluto LNG Project)

Epica Solutions responded to a request for an experienced cataloguer to assist in the application and cataloguing upgrade of its data for the Pluto LNG Project. This follows on from a Cataloguing Workshop Epica provided in 2010. Iluka Resources personnel also attended the course. Woodside’s Pluto LNG Project is set to become one of the fastest developed LNG projects from discovery of the gas field in 2005 to first LNG in 2011. Hence there is pressure on the cataloguing team to have the required data in place.

 January 2011

HWE Mining

HWE Mining has some 33000 line items which are held in three separate Materials Management Systems or databases. The catalogue data records need to be checked for duplications and then standardised for names, description formats and encoding prior to their application to ORACLE. Formatting of the descriptive data to attribute sets will provide consistency in like items to enable ready access by system users and also allow identification of missing or incomplete data so item data can be enhanced.

HWE Mining specialising in iron ore, manages projects and opportunities in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. It is a company which operates at the forefront of minerals processing and is an industry leader for large-scale materials handling. HWE Mining teams currently manage the processing and loading of over 100 million tonnes of iron ore per annum.


December 2010

Queensland Gas Company (QGC)

QGC engaged Epica for a further stage in its data requirements for quality cataloguing data. QGC is a leading Australian coal seam gas explorer and producer focused on developing its world-class reserves for domestic and international supply.


September 2010

Nickel West

Nickel West is part of the BHP Billiton group. Epica Solutions was successful in being able to provide a resource to assist their in house team with its cataloguing requirements. Chandler McCleod managed the placement on Nickel West's behalf.

Nickel West is the world's third largest producer of nickel in concentrate. All its operations are in Western Australia. It is a fully integrated nickel business comprising mines, concentrators, a smelter and a refinery.

Nickel West exports approximately one third of its nickel matte production. The remaining matte is processed at Nickel West Kwinana to produce nickel metal in the form of briquettes and powder, as well as a number of intermediate products.


March 2010

Minerals and Metals Group (MMG)

Epica were requested to supply experienced cataloguing personnel to assist while they have a surge and while one of their cataloguers was assigned to on-site duties. This continues Epica's association with MMG as it previously supplied services to the group when it was under the banner of Zinifix. MMG operates a portfolio of world-class base metal mining operations, development projects and exploration fields. MMNG is an SAP user.

 January 2010

Contract Renewals

Both Goro Nickel and the NCB Defence have extended their contracts for Epica to continue to provide both codification and cataloguing support. This is in addition to existing clients such as Ausdrill, C1C (SANDF) and Cement Australia.

January 2010


Epica has been engaged to provide cataloguing services to Barminco located in the Suburb of Hazelmere in Perth. Barminco is an international leader in hard rock underground mining, setting industry benchmarks in safety, service and knowledge. Barminco uses SAP to manage its materials requirements.


March 2009

DOD/SANDF Phase 2 Rectification Program


Epica Solutions as part of the C1C consortium has been awarded Phase 2 of the DOD/South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Codification, Cataloguing, Inventory and Asset upgrade program. Some of the stated objectives of the project are to improve the Logistics Intervention, Codification and Cataloguing accuracy, Asset Register accuracy and the rationalisation of its inventory. The program should also allow the DOD's National Codification Bureau to achieve tier 2 status within the NATO Codification system. Epica's primary function within the consortium is the provision of subject matter experts in codification, cataloguing of the data as well as assistance with the inventory management program. Phase 2 program has been contracted for an initial 3 year period.

March 2009

Epica Solutions Welcomes Andy Brittain to the Team


Epica Solutions proudly announces the appointment of Andy Brittain as Victorian Manager with effect from 30th March 2009. Andy brings to the team a proven capability and extensive background in the NATO Codification System and its implications on the Defence Industry community. Andy has worked with a variety of National Codification Bureaus around the world and also has considerable experience in Support Solutions for Defence capability providers. Based out of Victoria, Andy will further strengthen the Epica capability in providing ongoing support to the Australian Defence Force, the Defence Materiel Organisation and the Australian National Codification Bureau.

 January 2009

Epica Solutions provides personnel to the National Codification Bureau

Epica Solutions (Epica) was the successful tenderer for the provision of technical and supply cataloguing personnel to the National Codification Bureau (NCB), located in Melbourne. NCB provides codification and cataloguing services to the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). With the advent of new equipment programs and the current workload NCB determined a need for assistance. Epica is able to provide the required qualified and skilled technical cataloguing personnel to conduct the task. Epica Solutions is proud of its history with the ADF and feels sure that it can be of assistance in other related projects in the future. The Project is due to commence mid February 2009.

November 2008

Classic One Consortium - South Africa

Epica Solutions was invited by C1C to be part of its successful bid to provide assistance to the DOD/SANDF Inventory Logistic initiative involving Codification, Cataloguing and Inventory Verification Services. The DOD has an ultimate aim to move to Tier 2 status with its National Codification bureau and at the same time achieve full asset visibility. Epica are able to assist the Consortium through the provision of its Workbench application and Defence Codification and Cataloguing experience.

November 2008

Origin Energy - Kupe NZ

The Kupe Field south of New Zealand's Taranaki Peninsula will play a major role in helping New Zealand meet its increasing gas needs. Origin Energy, an Australian registered and owned public company operating throughout Australia and New Zealand, will develop the Kupe Field. Epica Solutions has been engaged to provide the cataloguing support post construction as well as subsequent item maintenance. The scope was widened in November as Origin Energy acquired Swift Energy. The spares and equipment held by that entity was added to the Kupe Project. Epica is proud to be able to play a part in this vital infrastructure project.


October 2008

Queensland Gas Company (QGC)

QGC is a rapidly evolving integrated energy business positioned to meet a rising demand for its abundant coal seam gas (cleaner power technology). QGC has Gas Fields and proposed joint venture Power Stations in various areas of Queensland such as Berwyndale & Argyle-Kenya (Darling Downs). Epica Solutions was engaged to provide data upgrade services for those inventory items already in QGC's SAP system with the provision of further services for their Condamine Gas Turbine Power Station currently being built in the Surat Basin.

Aug 2008

Lihir Gold Limited

Lihir Gold Limited (LGL) is a leading global gold company with operations in Papua New Guinea, Australia and West Africa. LGL had a need to cleanse and upgrade its catalogue data to support the various sites. Epica was engaged to provide the upgrade services as well as the provision of continuing item maintenance service. Unfortunately LGL was unwilling to share some of its mineral products as Gold is at an all time high however Epica was pleased that it was able to a make a vital contribution to its ongoing operations.

Jun 2008


Ausdrill is a diversified mining and services company providing leading edge services in mining, drill & blast, exploration, procurement & logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and automotive industries with operations in Australia, United Kingdom and Africa. Epica Solutions has been engaged in cleansing and upgrading the catalogue data for its operations in preparation of a company wide catalogue.

May 2008

Innovation – SAP Material Description

One of the problems of the SAP Material Description is its limitation of 40 characters. Users need to be able to pack as much differentiating data within the forty characters to enhance its use as an effective browse or inquiry tool. Epica's Workbench facility does this in two ways.

  • Firstly it can abbreviate the relevant data (using standard abbreviations) that is applied to the Material Description field. This is separate to the P O Text data which normally contains the full item description and in many instances is used for printing the purchase order description. Abbreviations in the latter would be minimal and normally restricted to size designators such OD, ID, MM, etc.
  • The second feature is that the Epica Workbench can re-sequence the data within the Material Description for the optimum fit of available data. Again this may be conducted independent of the attribute set that was initially used to build the P O Text and the Material Description data. These two steps allow Epica to provide a much better item search capability for SAP users. This initiative was developed in response to client requirement so that they may avoid lengthy inquiry process to locate and identify the correct item. This initiative is of the most benefit to users who have a configuration where the material description is used for browse purposes only rather than the front end of the full description which may flow onto the P O Text or use the Material Description only.

April 2008

Cement Australia

Cement Australia has recently awarded its Catalogue Maintenance to Epica Solutions Pty Ltd. This is conducted through the Sydney office with direct access to Cement Australia's SAP Parts master file. Epica previously conducted some work in cleaning up the current data file. While there is still some work to be done on the project Epica welcomes the opportunity to be able to further contribute to the operational needs of Cement Australia. Cement Australia operates a number of sites throughout Australia with its head office in Brisbane.

We Are Back!!!

Epica Solutions provided a number of personnel for the Department of Commerce Smartbuy® Project in 2002 through to 2004. Epica is now again contributing to this worthwhile service with the provision of personnel. Smartbuy® is a fully developed electronic procurement system managed by the NSW department of commerce. Items supplied under contract by various organisations and businesses to the NSW government are catalogued so that users within government departments can readily access the items require for their needs. It is understood that these contracts are also used by Commonwealth Departments and various other government agencies.

November 2007

Defence Contract

Epica Solutions Pty Ltd has won a contract for the provision of personnel to conduct codification and cataloguing for the National Codification Bureau (NCB). The NCB provides codification and cataloguing services to acquisition and sustainment levels across the ADF. The bureau processes requests for the codification of items of supply manufactured both domestically and overseas and is governed by the principles and standards of NATO. These services underpin the logistics capability of the Defence operational and business environments. The requirement for assistance stems from the growing Defence Capability Program which will significantly escalate the demand for NCB services. In order for the bureau to meet its service requirements it was decided to establish commercially based support to its service delivery capability. Epica Solutions is proud of its association with the ADF and has recently been accepted under the Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS).

June 2007

What's in a Name

When Epica Solutions started in September 2002 it was decided that the company should have a name that had an Australian theme. Dennis Allsopp came up with the word Epica based on the Epica Banksia which is native to the south coast of Western Australia. The name is derived from the Latin "epicus" or epic, relating to the long journeys of Edward John Eyre (who first saw this plant) and John Falconer who first collected the plant (ANPSA). It was officially named in 1987. It is not an endangered species which augers well for our company. I recently listened to a radio program broadcast in Melbourne hosted by Ernie Sigley where he and a guest reviewed the "GM Holden Epica" and discussed where the name came. The comment was that it could be just a made up rubbish name. We cannot comment on behalf of the car manufacturer but we may have to enlighten the good folk at 3AW that it is in fact a part of Australian history and flora.

Photograph by Gnangarra

April 2007

New Clients

Epica would like to welcome two new clients this month. Both operate SAP ERP Systems and incurred similar problems in their item information (catalogue) needs. Iluka Resources Ltd involves an upgrade of their total catalogue data base. Iluka Management is fully aware that productivity gains can only come about using quality data. They are keen to be rid of duplications and redundant data that could lead to carrying excess inventory with potentially unnecessary capital investment. Management wants to take advantage of total asset visibility to enable the economies offered by implementation of company wide contracts. They are also aware that the catalogue data needs to be tailored to take advantage of the functionality of the SAP ERP Materials Master to ensure ongoing productivity gains. Cement Australia has a large MRO inventory that covers a number of sites throughout Australia. For similar reasons to Iluka such as continued productivity gains and total asset visibility for contractual purposes Cement Australia has taken the first steps in a catalogue data upgrade. They are aware that they have a high percentage of duplicated items both inter and intra site which need to be amalgamated. Cement Australia also wants to implement company wide contracts which is currently limited as each site previously maintained its own catalogue.

February 2007

New Trading Entity Epica Solutions has been successful in obtaining the company name Epica Solutions Pty Ltd. Previously it operated as a partnership between two companies trading as Epica Solutions. This should have the effect of streamlining its dealing with both clients and suppliers. The services have not changed and Epica still provides Item information Master Data through its cataloguing services and continues to develop its range of software products to facilitate this process as well as associated software products such as it Spares Assessment Manager. Defence Recognition Epica Solutions has been recognised under the "Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme" (DRSS) and can now use the DRSS logo both on its web site and advertising material. Epica has had an association with Defence Projects and tasks over the last 4 years and is a proud recipient of the award.

July/August 2005

Centennial Coal contracts Epica Solutions for global catalogue upgrade

Epica Solutions has been contracted to conduct a global catalogue upgrade for Centennial Coal. To date each site has been responsible for its own data and has been maintained across a number different software platforms such as MIMS, PULSE and Pronto. Centennial Coal was born out of the old Elcom and Newstead collieries. Since its privatisation it has rapidly expanded its role as a premier coal operation and has acquired a number of additional mines. To keep pace with the requirements of the operations Centennial has implemented the Pulse Mining System. The Catalogue data held by the various mines needs to be amalgamated so that economies can be realised from central purchasing and the establishment of contracts. Therefore Centennial requires total inventory visibility. The current catalogue data has been maintained on a number of different software platforms such as MIMS and Pronto and by a variety of personnel. This means that the data exhibits marked differences in standards and exhibits a considerable number of duplications both intra and inter site. Epica Solutions has been chosen to standardise and upgrade the data across all sites and eliminate all duplications. It is a formidable task however the anticipated savings should provide significant dividends within 12 months and continue to accrue there after. Paul Kelly Centennial Group Purchasing Manager has always understood the need for good quality data to drive purchasing and contractual decisions. He is pleased that his ambitions in this direction are now being realised.

Epica undertakes Materials Control, Spares Assessment and Cataloguing for the Alcoa Pinjarra Upgrade Alcoa embarked on an upgrade project of its Pinjarra Smelter site some two years ago. The upgrade project costed at $411 Million dollars includes the installation of two additional lines to keep up with the demand of its customers for Aluminium products. Epica Solutions has been able to assist the project through Hatch Engineering (Implementation Contractor) with the provision of technical personnel to conduct the cataloguing of the new equipment as well as assist in the technical spares assessing task. Later in the project Epica Solutions also supplied a Materials Controller. This project was the catalyst for the development of its Spares Assessment Software (SAM).




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