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Company Profile


The story of Epica Solutions Pty Ltd (Epica) is born out of a vision of providing cost effective supply concepts and processes. Core concepts that are readily transparent, intuitive and functional - designed to provide efficiency whilst maintaining best practice standards. Although one of the last bastions for deriving significant cost benefits is the supply chain, within many organizations it is either ignored or given scant recognition. Supply is viewed as a drain on the organization rather than being a profit contributor. We in supply may be to blame, as many of our practices and procedures are couched in intricacy, hype and jargon. Whatever happened to the basic axiom of

Getting the right item, to the right place, at the right time, and the right price?

Why not put in practices. processes and systems that achieve this axiom without the hype and use that as a basic building block to turn supply into a profit contributor.


Mission Statement


Epica Solutions (Epica) is committed to providing cost efficient and effective solutions to client's materials and equipment management requirements. We are about achieving excellent outcomes through the implementation of achievable practical supply management processes. This mission will be achieved initially through two product streams:

  • The provision of data content services through tailored solutions enabling client organisations to realise true productivity gains from their investment in Materials Management Systems (MMS).

  • The provision of inventory management services using experienced and skilled personnel and innovative products designed to optimise supply chain management.

Our consultants and personnel will ensure ongoing support for its services and products. This will allow clients to realise productivity gains that will place them as leaders in their arena of expertise. Epica Solutions is built on the expertise that it's personnel bring to the company, namely - skills and experience in Supply Management, Cataloguing, Materials Management Systems, analysis and development.

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